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House with a sign declaring "RIP 2020 - Covid 19." House's yard was dug up for sewer work in winter of 2019.

As a professor and artist, shut in my home and away from my campus studio, I've been making projects at home. The works in the power point I've attached have been a mix of formal "creative activity" (per my contract) and stress release. They…

A sign posted on a lawn in Salem, Wisconsin supports teachers

A sign posted in Salem, Wisconsin protests Governor Ever's administration

A sign posted outside of a Kenosha Kwik Trip informs customers how many people are allowed inside the convenience store.

A sign posted in front of one of the playgrounds at Petrifying Springs Park informs the public that no one may use the playground.

A sign at the interection of Highway 31 and Highway A in Kenosha thanks essential workers.

National Guard members wait in the parking lot of Burlington High School with sanitization pools.

Liz and Carl show off their height difference at the Hospitality Center of Racine.

Carl at the Hospitality Center of Racine shows off his smile after receiving mask donations from Kenosha Cares.