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Street traffic near the main Mitsui Bank in Tokyo. The Main Mitsui Bank building was constructed by the American James Stewart & Co and finished in 1902, although it had to be rebuilt in 1929 after the Great Earthquake due to…

A row of shopfronts decorated with windchimes and signage.

A bus terminal with two parked buses in front of a large building.

A dirt road leading to a torii.

A long, three story government building. The Japanese flag waves above a long, three-story government building. The flag is called Nisshōki (sun-mark flag) in Japanese, but is more commonly known as Hinomaru (circle of the sun).

Flags of the World…

The Avant Theater in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. A burlesque show called Nude and Play is showing.

A house and yard, showing stepping-stone path and laundry hung to dry.

The façade of the Kabukiza theater in Tokyo. The theatre was rebuilt after its destruction during World War Two, maintaining the original 1924 appearance. It was demolished in 2010.

Posters advertising movies and a cabaret festoon a wall in Ikebukuro near the transit station.

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Rooftops in a city in dawn light.
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