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Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke visited UW-Parkside in 1972 for a public lecture entitled "Life in the Year 2001." He is shown above with, from left to right, Walter Graffin, Don McElvaney, (Clarke himself), Kathryn Wood and Curt Sahakian.

Famed feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem gave a talk at UW-Parkside's Greenquist Hall in 1970. Her talk was open to the public and was sponsored by UW-Parkside's Lecture and Fine Arts Committee.

Criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey gave a talk at UW-Parkside about his new book "The Defense Never Rests." His talk was sponsored by the UW-Parkside Lecture and Fine Arts Committee.

Norman Mailer visited the UW-Parkside campus for a lecture on October 1st, 1972. He signed autographs and took questions.

Dr. Severo Ochoa spoke at UW-Parkside on October 7th, 1977. He was a joint-recipient of the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Famed editor and political figure Dwight Macdonald spoke at UW-Parkside in January of 1971.

Newscaster Joel Daly spoke at the annual dinner of the B'nai B'rith lodge in 1974, which was hosted by UW-Parkside. The topic of his talk was the Yom Kippur War, which occurred in 1973.

Environmentalist David Brower spoke at a pollution conference at UW-Parkside in 1970.

Kenneth Eble spoke on "Sex and the Joys of Teaching" at a workshop sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence on January 12th, 1979. Chancellor Alan Guskin is sitting next to Kenneth Eble at a luncheon.

Famed author Elizabeth Janeway spoke at the UW-Parkside Women's Caucus on February 15th, 1973.
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