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The Racine Center had a float in the Racine Fourth of July parade. In this picture, the float is being pulled by a tractor.

Outdoor activities at the Italian-American Exchange banquet.

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Inauguration of Chancellor Ford.

Photo from the first UW-Parkside Commencement Ceremony in 1970

Norman Mailer visited the UW-Parkside campus for a lecture on October 1st, 1972. He signed autographs and took questions.

This piece of art, which is still on campus, was part of the spring 1987 student sculpture exhibition.

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Speak Out event at Fall Fest

A group of UW-Parkside administrators look over Ranger Mac's Fen after its deeding to UW-Parkside.
In the photograph are Mrs. Wakelin McNeel, Chancellor Wyllie, Dr. Laird McNeel, and Alfred Kampert.

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Kenneth Eble spoke on "Sex and the Joys of Teaching" at a workshop sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence on January 12th, 1979. Chancellor Alan Guskin is sitting next to Kenneth Eble at a luncheon.
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