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An aerial view from the north shows Greenquist Hall and the Library Learning Center. In the summer of 1971, the library was still under construction.

View of campus path with Wyllie building in the background.

Chancellor Irvin G. Wyllie in front of the Chancellor's Office, when it was located on west side of Wood Road.

A beer hall building at night with lit neon signage.

A group poses in front of the Yomeimon Gate in Nikkō.

The pagoda of Nikkō Tōshōgū. The “sculpted column” is part of a stone lantern.

Streetcar tracks along a city road. Buildings line one side, and a man on a bicycle transports a chair.

Main Mitsui Bank, Tokyo. The Main Mitsui Bank building was constructed by the American James Stewart & Co and finished in 1902, although it had to be rebuilt in 1929 after the Great Earthquake due to damage. (Also seen in MC036_140)

Several people sit on a bench in front of a food stand. Lake Chusenji and mountains are in the background.

A fuzzy image of rooftops.
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